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Is It Time To Toss?

10 tips to tell you what you need to know...

We all know that our bras wear out with age...eventually.... Right? After all, we wear these essential undergarments all day, every day, and we depend on them to give "the girls" the much needed lift and support we need to help us look and feel our best. So why is it that so many of us press our bras into active service long after their expiration date has passed? Perhaps it's because, in a world that changes so much and so often, we become attached to our clothes, especially our inner wear. Perhaps it's because it can be difficult to look at ourselves objectively. Whatever your reasons for hanging on to your old bras and lingerie, it's time for a little reality check.

Remember the way that favourite bra fit when you first tried it on? Remember how great you felt and looked when you first started wearing it, the way it lifted and supported the girls just so? When even the best quality bra begins to show signs of wear and tear, it also begins to emphasize those faults that you'd rather keep hidden. No longer supporting the girls properly, or even at all, that once-supportive but now tired old bra will ultimately lead to back pain and poor posture, making you look shorter and dumpier, and who wants that?!

Face it - when you wear an old, ratty, worn out bra it doesn't matter how great your clothes are, inside you know what you're wearing underneath and you feel as old and ratty and worn out as your guilty secret - the dingy bra.

To find out if your bra has served its useful life, ask yourself these 10 simple, revealing questions, and be brutally honest with your answers...

  1. Has the lace on your bra begun to pill, stretch or tear?
  2. Do the straps on your bra hold their length without stretching?
  3. Is the band that fits around your rib cage stretched? Does it still hold tight to your body?
  4. Have you gained or lost weight recently, resulting in a change in your rib cage and breast size?
  5. Do you notice any fraying fabric anywhere on your bra?
  6. Are the moulded cups of your bra beginning to show signs of wrinkling or dimpling?
  7. Is the fabric of your bra looking dingy, gray or stained from perspiration or everyday wear and washing?
  8. When you wear a tight-fitting top over your bra, do you notice any bra bulge anywhere along your breast line and back?
  9. Are you feeling any discomfort or pain between your shoulder blades or back?
  10. Are you having to tighten the straps of your bra more often to give your breasts proper lift and support?

If you've answered yes to even one of these questions, you are doing yourself and your body a disservice every time you don that dingy bra. Let's face it - we've all got at least one worn-out bra - and probably more - buried in our drawers. So stop wearing them and toss them where they really belong, then visit Dianes and start shopping, either online or in person at our South Granville boutique. Take advantage of the wealth of information from our team of bra fitting experts who will help you find the bras you need to look and feel fabulous- all day, every day.

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