What we do:

Transform women’s lives, one bra fitting at a time.

Why we do it:

We are passionate about making a difference in women’s lives and live for the moments, and for the transformations that a well-fitted bra can make in a woman’s life.

How we do it:

The Diane’s Lingerie team is passionate about providing best in class fittings, beautiful merchandise, a comfortable and inviting store environment and superior knowledge and service to our guests. That is how we change women’s lives with a bra fitting and make magic happen behind the fitting room curtains.


This passion has led to Diane’s Lingerie being considered the destination in Vancouver for lingerie solutions since 1983. We have carried this passion for the past 34 years and it will continue to drive us as we work to help the women in our community.

Finding the ideal bra for every one of our customers is a cornerstone component of our philosophy at Diane’s Lingerie, but this is not our only objective. Our dedicated team of bra and lingerie experts have committed themselves to creating a haven for women needing personal attention and delicate care and are passionate about providing all that a ‘great fit’ has to offer: joy, comfort, health, and confidence.

We invite you to visit us in person at our boutique, located at 2950 Granville Street in Vancouver, or shop online for the products and styles that fit right and make you feel fabulous!