• primadonna-madison-full-cup-bra-pep-2120-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 primadonna-madison-full-cup-bra-pep-2120-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    PrimaDonna #016 2120/2121 Madison's unique fit gives perfect support to full breasts. The elastic lace and fine details lift heavy breasts without compromising on comfort. This three-section underwire centres the breasts to create a slimming effect. Now available in Pearl Pink!
  • empreinte-verity-seamless-bra-blu-8173-ob-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 empreinte-verity-spacer-bra-blu-0173-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Empreinte #0173 The Verity Spacer Bra is available in C-H cups. This t-shirt bra provides comfortable uplift and breathability. Verity is invisible on the outside but looks and feels fantastic under your clothes. Empreinte's seamless plus size bras are perfect for larger busted ladies. Now available in Blue Ciel! Matching Shorty > Matching Brief >
  • empreinte-verity-seamless-bra-blu-8173-ob-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 empreinte-verity-seamless-bra-blu-8173-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Empreinte #8173 The Empreinte Vérity Seamless Balcony Bra exudes simplicity, femininity and comfort. A new seamless range from Empreinte, Vérity features monochrome lace patterned with beautiful swirls. Now available in Blue Ciel! Matching Shorty > Matching Brief >
  • primadonna-waterlily-full-cup-bra-wit-2980-81-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 primadonna-waterlily-full-cup-bra-wit-2980-81-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    PrimaDonna #2980/81 Three-piece underwire bra with elegant all-over embroidery, a graphic design, and decorative flowers on the straps. The embroidered flowers on the upper cups accentuate your cleavage. Stand out this summer in pure White: white tulle with shimmery embroidery. Pure, stylish, and super-feminine!
  • marie-jo-madelon-soft-cup-balcony-bra-bpt-2283-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 marie-jo-madelon-soft-cup-balcony-bra-bpt-2283-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Marie Jo #010 2283 This stylish balconette bra with vertical seam highlight the alluring curve of your breasts. A sexy, sheer model with opulent lace that decorates the cups and stylish floral embroidery on the straps to complete the look. Matching Madelon Thong >
  • anita-selma-spacer-bra-rose-5637-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 anita-selma-spacer-bra-rose-5637-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Anita #5637 Smooth airy spacer cups feature a modern and clean look. The soft fabric smoothly melts to your body and lace decorated straps make a tempting eye catcher. Available in Black and Rosewood Pink! Matching Selma High Waist Panty> Matching Selma Lace Thong>
  • anita-selma-uw-bra-b2e-blk-5634-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 anita-selma-uw-bra-b2e-blk-5634-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Anita #5634/35 Delicate design meets convincing functionality - decorative lace along cups and strap sections, and a sparkling Swarovski charm in the centre catches the eye and directs the gaze towards your beautifully shaped cleavage. The use of sophisticated fabric and quality workmanship lends this underwire bra its precise and optimum fit. F-J Cup: These sizes have a slightly different shape, especially designed to meet the requirements of bigger breasts and ensures large cups with a particularly stable hold. Available in Black and Rosewood Pink! Matching Selma Lace Thong > Matching Selma High Waist Panty >
  • marie-jo-madelon-padded-balcony-bra-piv-2289-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 marie-jo-madelon-padded-balcony-bra-piv-2289-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Marie Jo #2289 Are you looking for a trendy T-shirt bra that creates a beautiful rounded shape? Then look no further! With smooth, padded cups that do not leave any visible lines. Opulent lace decorates the wings and back band, and the floral embroidery on the straps add extra style. A soft shade of pink that you can wear discretely under any airy outfit.
  • marie-jo-avero-daisy-tshirt-bra-pep-0416-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 marie-jo-avero-daisy-tshirt-bra-pep-0416-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Marie Jo #0416 The Avero Multiway T-shirt Bra features a plunge neckline and comfortable, supportive cups. The checkered pattern is modern yet invisible under clothes. The straps can be worn as a halter, a racerback, or exchanged for clear straps. This 3-in-1 bra from Marie Jo is a must have for every wardrobe. Now available in Pearl Pink! Matching Avero Thong >
  • simone-perele-java-full-cup-plunge-bra-linen-319-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 simone-perele-java-full-cup-plunge-bra-linen-319-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Simone Perele #12G 319 Delicate sheer detailing and floral inspired lace create a subtle "tattoo" effect on this gorgeous bra from Simone Perele. The plunge style cups are comfortable to wear and are flattering on many body types and sizes. Matching Java Shorty >
  • chantelle-hedona-seamless-bra-smk-2031-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 chantelle-hedona-seamless-bra-smk-2031-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Chantelle #2031 One of our best-selling bras, Hedona suits a wide variety breast types and creates a natural rounded shape. The cups are seamless and supportive, making this style invisible under any outfit, and has a wide band for extra support and comfort. Now available in Smoke Pink!
  • empreinte-cassiopee-seamless-bra-fuschia-7151-ob-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 empreinte-cassiopee-seamless-bra-fuschia-7151-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Empreinte #07151 The Cassiopee Seamless Bra is a luxurious lace bra. Available in regular and plus sizes, this lacy t-shirt bra provides maximum support. Empreinte bras are comfortable, smoothing and invisible under clothing. In other words, perfect for everyday wear! Cassiopee's lace is from the same lace-maker as Kate Middleton’s iconic wedding dress. Now available in Fuchsia!
    Matching Shorty > Matching Thong > Matching Brief > See the Cassiopee Spacer Bra >
  • simone-perele-promesse-3d-plunge-bra-pblu-12H316-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 simone-perele-promesse-3d-plunge-bra-pblu-12H316-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Simone Perele #12H316 Identical in style to Simone Pérèle’s bestseller Amour, Promesse is a must-have essential to add to your lingerie wardrobe. Featuring lightweight 3D spacer foam cups, luxurious leavers lace, spaghetti straps, j-hook to convert straps to racerback - plus it fits up to an F cup! Available in Charcoal and Aurora Blush and Platinum Blue Matching shorty > Matching thong > Matching bikini brief >
  • marie-jo-salvador-wireless-bra-ven-1894-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 marie-jo-salvador-wireless-bra-ven-1894-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Marie Jo #012 1894 If you’re a fan of the sporty-chic look, then this airy demi-cup triangle bra is perfect for you! This wireless bra is extraordinarily comfortable. Available in Venus Blush and Black.  Matching Salvador Rio brief > Matching Salvador balcony bra > 
  • marie-jo-salvador-balcony-bra-blk-1899-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 marie-jo-salvador-balcony-bra-blk-1899-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Marie Jo #012 1899 The balconette bra with padded cups is a popular model and that comes as no surprise! This iconic model combines smooth cups with a sophisticated back band in striped tulle. And the finishing touch? The cool studs. Available in Black and Venus Blush.  Matching Salvador wireless bra > Matching Salvador Rio brief >
  • chantelle-revele-moi-4-part-cup-bra-ablu-1571-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 chantelle-revele-moi-4-part-cup-bra-ablu-1571-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Chantelle #1571 Revele Moi provides both support and lightness. The construction of the 4-part cup ensures more precision during gathering to adjust the bust's curve while the open wires provide optimal comfort. The textronic lace exclusive to Chantelle is matte but satiny in texture but is thin and light for a sensual transparent effect. Now in Alizee Blue!
  • chantelle-festivite-sexy-tshirt-bra-blush-ob-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 chantelle-festivite-sexy-tshirt-bra-blush-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Chantelle #3682 The Festivite T-shirt Bra is one of our best-selling pieces from Chantelle. This t-shirt bra features Chantelle's iconic lace pattern. It's made in comfortable, soft fabrics which provide excellent uplift and ensure great support. This sexy plunge bra is simply irresistible in a lovely lace overlay style. Limited quantities of Poppy red available in-store only. Matching Festivité Sexy Brief >
  • anita-active-air-control-delta-sports-bra-white-5544-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 anita-active-air-control-delta-sports-bra-white-5544-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500

    Anita #5544

    The Air Control Delta Padded Sports Bra features lightly padded cups for maximum support. The mesh sides and center provide breath-ability and style. Now available in White!
  • anita-active-momentum-pro-sports-bra-black-5539-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 anita-active-momentum-pro-sports-bra-black-5539-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Anita #5539 Momentum Pro combines crossed, front adjustable straps and seamlessly molded cups. Inspired by Boxing Champion Christina Hammer, made for the highest athletic demands. The integrated sweat management technology ensures an ideal skin climate and transports moisture to the outside. Now available in Black!
  • primadonna-forever-full-cup-bra-zwa-3000-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    PrimaDonna #016 3000 & 016 3001 The PrimaDonna Forever underwired bra features full cups in a three-section wire bra and a gorgeous new fabric. The structured matte fabric is light and features raised dots while the ultra-fine embroidery on the upper cups and straps adds subtle gloss.
  • chantelle-c-magnifique-pale-rose-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 2504723372
    Chantelle #1891 The C Magnifique Bra from Chantelle provides extreme comfort, support and invisibility under clothing. Similar to Chantelle's Hedona, the C Magnifique also has a minimizing effect and gives a round and push-up fit for a re-centered bust. The bra also has soft and comfortable straps that remain stiff enough to unsure good support and are adjustable all along the length of the strap. Now available in Pale Rose!
  • simone-perele-delice-full-cup-plunge-bra-purp12X319-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Simone Perele #12X 319 With it's Austrian embroidery of delicate flowers and wild grasses on an elastic tulle background, this underwire triangle bra has a soft and sensual shape that is essential to any wardrobe. Now available in Hypnotic Purple! Matching Shorty > Matching Thong >
  • marie-jo-dirk-round-bra-zwa-1856-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 marie-jo-dirk-round-bra-zwa-1856-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Marie Jo #012 1856 It's all about the details. The shimmery ribbon on the underwire, the feminine bow, and the velvety and slightly abstract floral pattern make this padded bra elegant and sophisticated. Chic and seductive black: an absolute must-have! Matching Dirk Rio Brief >
  • prima-donna-delight-full-cup-bra-blk-2760-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 prima-donna-delight-full-cup-bra-blk-2760-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    PrimaDonna #2760 & 2761 Three-section bra with luxurious all-over rose embroidery with lace look. Fine spaghetti straps with elegant garlands and a graceful tie between the breasts complete your irresistible look. Stylish lingerie in classic black is a must-have in your lingerie drawer! Available in Black! Matching Delight Rio Brief >
  • prima-donna-delight-vertical-seam-bra-blk-2764-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 prima-donna-delight-vertical-seam-bra-blk-2764-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Prima Donna #2764 & 2765 A sensual balcony bra with a vertical seam and seductive all-over embroidery with a chic lace look. Fine spaghetti straps with elegant garlands and a graceful tie between the breasts complete your irresistible look. Stylish lingerie in classic black is a must-have in your lingerie drawer! Available in Black! Matching Rio Brief >
  • simone-perele-1948-full-cup-plunge-bra-319-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 simone-perele-1948-full-cup-plunge-bra-319-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Simone Perele #15H 319 The 1948 collection of the brand Simone Pérèle is bold, elegant and refined. The combination of a beautiful Italian satin with a fine French embroidery brings to this collection a touch of modernity. This Simone Perele plunge neckline bra from the 1948 collection combines edginess and transparency for a touch of sensuality. Available from B to F cups. Matching Bikini brief >
  • chantelle-tamaris-smooth-cup-seamless-bra-blk-1660-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Chantelle #1660 Made of beautiful and supportive mesh, the full-coverage, non-padded cups of the Tamaris Full Coverage Seamless Lace Bra comfortably contain and minimize the bust. The wide power mesh band provides support while also smoothing the back. Available in Nude and Black!
  • marlies-dekkers-leading-strings-plunge-tshirt-bra-16800-ob-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 marlies-dekkers-leading-strings-plunge-tshirt-bra-16800-ps-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Marlies Dekkers #6800 This black padded plunge balcony bra flatters almost every type of breasts. Your cleavage is richly adorned by black lines referring to the sensuality of leading strings. Padding gives you extra support and wires enclosing the breasts partly, creating a modest but sexy cleavage. Choose this shape for a sexy décolleté and a dash of comfort. Matching Leading Strings 4cm Thong > Matching Leading Strings 7cm Thong >
  • chantelle-allure-plunge-4-part-bra-blk-2231-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 chantelle-allure-plunge-4-part-bra-blk-2231-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Chantelle #2231 The perfect balance between style, support, and comfort, this versatile plunge neckline evokes the allure of Paris. Available in Black
  • elomi-sachi-plunge-plus-size-bra-blk-EL4350-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 elomi-sachi-plunge-plus-size-bra-blk-EL4350-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Elomi #4350 Feminine Sachi plays with sheer, translucent and solid panelling to dramatic effect. With strappy detailing creating a central focal point, this design feature is one that is made to be seen. Available in Black only. 
  • elomi-matilda-plunge-plus-size-bra-blk-8900-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 elomi-matilda-plunge-plus-size-bra-blk-8900-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Elomi #8900 Matilda, the stunning beaded effect embroidered collection, with stylish detail, is a must-have. The three section cup plus side panel give great forward shape, uplift and separation. Available in Black only.
  • elomi-cate-uw-full-cup-plus-size-bra-latte-4030-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 elomi-cate-uw-full-cup-plus-size-bra-latte-4030-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Elomi #4030 Cate offers supreme support and comfort. Sophisticated sheer embroidered top cup adds a modern edge with an intersecting arc design. Featuring grosgrain textured straps and delicate looped neck edge elastic. Available in Latte
  • elomi-kim-plunge-plus-size-bra-4340-ob-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 elomi-kim-plunge-plus-size-bra-4340-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Elomi #4340 The stretch plunge bra provides uplift and support for a great rounded shape. Featuring a subtle linear geometric print, teamed with geometric lace for a cool, contemporary look. Available in Black only. 
  • primadonna-deauville-full-cup-bra-black-1810-ob3-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 primadonna-deauville-full-cup-bra-black-ps02--dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    PrimaDonna #1810 & 1811 Deauville is the absolute bestseller in the PrimaDonna collection with bras sold every two minutes worldwide. What's unique about Deauville is its excellent fit which provides the right type of support for larger breasts. A woman's bosom is beautifully enclosed thanks to the ingenious design with raised side panels and high-cut cups. Deauville is a timeless classic.  
  • chantelle-orangerie-sexy-tshirt-bra-blk-6762-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 chantelle-orangerie-sexy-tshirt-bra-blk-6762-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Chantelle #6762 Orangerie is a new range from Chantelle, with chic contrasting tulle and lace motif that's flat enough to wear as a t-shirt bra, but also super sexy and fun! If you love Chantelle Festivité or Passionata Brooklyn you'll love this new collection. Matching Shorty >
  • primadonna-twist-guilty-pleasure-t-shirt-bra-patine-014-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 primadonna-twist-guilty-pleasure-t-shirt-bra-patine-014-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    PrimaDonna #014-1650/1651 Three-section wire bra in an opaque leather-look fabric and a strip of see-through tulle at the top of the cups. Check out the trendy retro back wings with tulle and wide strips of opaque fabric. Sexy, comfortable and very supportive. The sturdy cups lift the breasts, which are also centred by the side section to create a full round form. The tulle creates a light, seductive look.
  • primadonna-twist-guilty-pleasure-t-shirt-bra-patine-024-ob-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 primadonna-twist-guilty-pleasure-t-shirt-bra-patine-024-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    PrimaDonna #024-1650/51 Comfortable yet feminine, Guilty Pleasure is a heart shaped moulded bra made from soft microfibre with a very subtle 'leather' look pattern on the cups and a small section of the back, giving this bra a slight retro 50s look.
  • empreinte-melody-full-cup-bra-black-0786-ob-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 empreinte-melody-full-cup-seamless-bra-black-0786-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500

    Empreinte #0786

    Melody's cups are constructed of a gorgeous, and seamless, Chantilly lace. It is both sexy and practical! The lace is firm and supportive. It shapes and lifts the breast while providing nipple coverage.
  • Tom Multiway by Marie Jo in Black, T-Shirt Bras, Bras, Marie Jo, Multiway, Diane's Lingerie, Vancouver marie-jo-tom-multi-way-bra-blk-0826-01-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Marie Jo # 0826 The Tom T-shirt Bra looks smooth and invisible under any garment. The multiway straps can be changed to a halter or racerback style. The cups are covered in the soft, matte microfiber that makes Marie Jo lingerie oh so comfortable. This supportive plunge bra is ideal for everyday wear.
  • Janira #31752 The perfect summer bandeau from Janira! Floral lace lined with soft, breathable modal for comfort and style, while the rubber lined top elastic helps keep it in place allowing you to wear this strapless bandeau with confidence. Available in Black, White & Dune!
  • janira-greta-bralette-black-1753-ob-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 janira-greta-bralette-blk-1753-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Janira #1753 The Greta bralette by Janira is a summer wardrobe essential! No underwire and mesh lined cups for maximum comfort, while the high apex and soft elasticized band still offer support. This pretty lace bralette features adjustable straps and hook and eye back closure. Available in Black, White, Dune & Indigo Blue! Matching Greta Shorty >
  • primadonna-sweater-sports-bra-black-0110-ob-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 primadonna-sweater-sports-bra-black-0110-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    PrimaDonna #600 0110 Sports bra with underwire and a hip sweater look. It is made from a soft breathing jersey fabric. The straps can be worn over the shoulder or around the neck. The brightly coloured fabric between the cups and fluorescent piping complete your trendy athletic look.  The preformed smooth cups ensure that your breasts do not move while you’re working out, and the sturdy straps give extra support. The Mesh Bra is seamless and soft to maximise comfort, with breathing fabric that wicks away perspiration. Now available in Black!
  • prima-donna-mesh-sports-bra-blue-0210-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 prima-donna-mesh-sports-bra-blue-0210-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    PrimaDonna #600 0210 Sports bra with underwire and a trendy mesh look. The straps can be worn over the shoulder or around the neck. Brightly coloured piping on the shoulder straps, neckline and lower edge of the top complete your trendy athletic look. The preformed smooth cups ensure that your breasts do not move while you’re working out, and the sturdy straps give extra support. The Mesh Bra is seamless and soft to maximise comfort, with breathing fabric that wicks away perspiration.
  • Tom Strapless Bra by Marie Jo in Latte, 0828, Marie Jo, Diane's Lingerie, South Granville, Vancouver marie-jo-tom-strapless-bra-skin-0828-01-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Marie Jo #0828 The strapless version of the Tom bra is a perfect summer staple. Wear it strapless, halter or regular depending on your outfit. The cups are covered in a soft, matte microfiber which looks smooth and invisible under any garment. The cups and neckline are designed to create a natural, round silhouette. The Tom bra is comfortable, seamless and stylish, an ideal combination for an everyday, wearable bra.
  • Smoothing Strapless by Fantaise, 4530, Strapless Bras, Fantasie, Diane's Lingerie, Vancouver, South Granville fantasie-smoothing-strapless-bra-black-4530-ps02-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Fantasie #4530 An essential underwire strapless, you get a smooth and sculpted silhouette with the contour cups and supportive side boning. The silicone lining on the band helps keep your strapless in place, and you can wear it with straps like a regular bra.
  • wacoal-red-carpet-strapless-bra-nude-ob-4119-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 wacoal-red-carpet-strapless-bra-nude-ps-4119-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Wacoal #854119 Red Carpet is Wacoal America's #1 Strapless Underwire Bra! Comfortable enough to wear every day with or without the removable straps, the stretch foam cups provide a smooth silhouette and are built with seamless matte fabric. The cushioned lower bottom band adds comfort while the hidden stays anchor stabilizes the sides and back of the bra. The silicone along the neckline also ensures that your bra holds in place. A truly versatile piece for your wardrobe. Now available in Black!
  • anita-lace-rose-wireless-soft-cup-bra-champ-5618-ob-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 anita-lace-rose-02-wireless-soft-cup-bra-champ-5618-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Anita #5618 The Lace Rose wireless provides the perfect combination of every day comfort with a touch of elegance. Featuring lightly padded,  ultra-comfortable seamless cups decorated with floral lace. Comfortable elastic straps are positioned closer to the center for improved fit and best support, especially for those with narrow shoulders. Available in Black and Champagne
  • anita-rosa-faia-grazia-wireless-soft-cup-bra-desert-5620-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 anita-rosa-faia-grazia-wireless-soft-cup-bra-desert-5620-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Anita #5620 Grazia has smooth cups and is invisible under tops and dresses and the wide, soft straps offer you a comfortable fit. This soft cup wireless bra provides the best support even for large sizes. The fine embroidery on the front of the straps gives a nice feminine touch.

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