Women Supporting Women

At Diane’s we’ve been transforming women’s lives one bra at a time for over 35 years. We’re passionate about making a difference in women’s lives, living for the moments and transformations that a well-fitted bra can deliver. We’ve followed this passion since 1983 and it will continue to drive us to help the women in our community.

We believe the true path to change is through support! When women support each other, we start to see big change, so let’s celebrate our successes together for International Women’s Week! When women support women, we become unstoppable.

Let’s Celebrate!

Join us in-store March 7-14 for a week-long event to celebrate all women, and show your support by shopping pop-ups by local, female-run businesses! Shop our new spring lingerie styles, sustainable, vegan-friendly bath and beauty products, and gorgeous locally-designed jewelry. Enjoy goodies and giveaways, plus get a $20 gift card towards a future purchase when you buy anything in-store! ⁣


Vitale Body & Soul Care
Saturday, March 7th from 12-4 pm

Vitale Body and Soul Care grew from founder Daphna Kedem’s passion for being eco-friendly and cruelty-free, while focusing on wellness and nourishing others. She wanted to use products that she knew were safe and wanted others to have those options, too. This brand was born to make it easier for people to begin their journey towards a vegan, zero-waste lifestyle through products that care for the body and soul. Vitale is the journey to nurture one’s mind, body and environment, striving for wholeness through understanding the full-body benefits of living a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle and through using the cleanest, most sustainable, products available. For Vitale, veganism and zero-waste lifestyles are both part of something bigger; trying not to live at the expense of others. These two eco-friendly lifestyles are two sides of the same coin; grounded in ethics and rooted in our reality.

Check out the Vitale Instagram.


Vitale is part of Virtuous Collection

Virtuous Collection is a value-based, inclusive, fashion and beauty retailer bringing the most thoughtfully curated collection of vegan, fair made and sustainable pieces from leading designers in ethical fashion. Inclusivity is at the heart of their values, and they advocate for all bodies; all shapes, sizes and heights. All bodies are beautiful and exquisite fashion pieces should be accessible for all. They cater to and honour the diversity of beauty that comes in all forms.

See their full collection of fashion, accessories and beauty items.

Zaleska Jewelry
Saturday, March 14th from 12-4 pm

Sylvia Tennant is the designer and CEO of Zaleska Jewelry. Her journey as a jewelry designer began out of necessity—while studying fine arts in university, Sylvia would often shop for jewelry, but could never find rings that fit her size 9 fingers. Upon completing her second degree, this time in education, Sylvia began teaching high school art while simultaneously exploring jewelry design as a business.

A passion for gemstones runs in the family, as does a spiritual connection to their metaphysical properties. Sylvia’s latest collection is inspired by her studies of sacred sites around the world, powerful women in history, and goddesses. She has spent countless hours studying ancient civilizations and cataloging adornments worn centuries ago. 

Zaleska Jewelry is handmade by Sylvia and her talented team of silver and goldsmiths in Vancouver, B.C. and Bali, Indonesia.

Check out the Zaleska Instagram.


By Women, For Women!

Join us in-store on March 7 & 14 for our incredible female run business pop-ups! Drop by Diane’s any time to check out our exciting new styles for spring. Treat yourself and the women in your life to something that makes them feel as amazing as they are. Happy International Women’s Week!

Ready to lift each other up this week? Come to Diane’s to celebrate and support local businesses run by women, for women!