• empreinte-carmen-full-cup-bra-rose-8188-ob-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 empreinte-carmen-full-cup-bra-rose-8188-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Empreinte #8188 The sumptuous visual impact of this range brings a sense of sophisticated glamour to this ultra-feminine collection. All the expertise of French lingerie is showcased in Carmen, with its delicate and highly decorative embroidery, pretty, exquisitely pleated straps and pearlescent beads.
  • primadonna-deauville-full-cup-bra-svb-1810-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 primadonna-deauville-full-cup-bra-svb-1810-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    PrimaDonna #1810 & 1811 The Deauville Full Cup Bra is the absolute bestseller of all PrimaDonna bras - one is sold every two minutes worldwide. Deauville features embroidered lace and supportive full cups. The elastic lining at the top creates a custom fit. (Note: price is slightly more than other Deauville colours due to crystal embellishments.) Now available in Silver Blue!  Shop more Deauville colours >
  • primadonna-every-woman-seamless-bra-pink-blush-3110-ob-02-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 primadonna-every-woman-seamless-bra-pink-blush-3110-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    PrimaDonna #3110 Introducing the Every Woman collection from PrimaDonna – support, comfort and style, available in several realistic skin tones. The seamless underwire bra has a shimmery, satin look. The straps feature guipure lace and can be worn over the shoulders or crossed at the back. Available in Pink Blush, Ginger and Ebony! Also see Every Woman Spacer Bra >
  • chantelle-c-magnifique-minimizer-bra-stone-1891-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 chantelle-c-magnifique-minimizer-bra-stone-1891-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Chantelle #1891 The C Magnifique Bra is comfortable, supportive and invisible under clothing. This smooth, seamless bra has a minimizing effect in the front, back and sides. The soft and comfortable straps ensure good support and are fully adjustable. C Magnifique is one of Chantelle's most popular bras and fits regular and plus sizes. Now available in Stone!
  • elomi-charley-bralette-bak-el4381-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 elomi-charley-bralette-bak-el4381-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Elomi #4381 Finally a supportive longline bralette style for larger bands and cups!  This is a underwire plunge style bra with side support and additional vertical seaming.  It's perfect for larger full breasts, especially those set toward the center, plus has a J-Hook to convert to racerback! Available in Ballet Pink only. 
  • goddess-kayla-banded-uw-bra-bul-gd6162-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 goddess-kayla-banded-uw-bra-bul-gd6162-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Goddess #6162 Part of Goddess' signature collection, Kayla comes in a soft floral pattern that is perfect for summer. A sheer top cup and V-neck plunge gives a lighter, fresh look while still offering full cup support. Now available in Bluebell!
  • primadonna_MADISON_2121_LATTE_Dianes_Lingerie_South_Granville_Vancouver primadonna_MADISON_2121_LATTE02_Dianes_Lingerie_South_Granville_Vancouver
    PrimaDonna #016 2120/2121 The Madison Full Cup Bra by PrimaDonna features a subtle gingham print. The stretch lace at the top gives a custom fit. The soft cups and close-set straps create shape without compromising on comfort. Madison provides full coverage in regular and plus sizes.
  • empreinte-verity-seamless-bra-blu-8173-ob-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 empreinte-verity-spacer-bra-blu-0173-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Empreinte #0173 The Verity Spacer Bra is available in C-H cups. This t-shirt bra provides comfortable uplift and breathability. Verity is invisible on the outside but looks and feels fantastic under your clothes. Empreinte's seamless plus size bras are perfect for larger busted ladies. Now available in Blue Ciel! Matching Verity Shorty > Matching Verity Brief >
  • primadonna-waterlily-full-cup-bra-wit-2980-81-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 primadonna-waterlily-full-cup-bra-wit-2980-81-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    PrimaDonna #2980/81 Three-piece underwire bra with elegant all-over embroidery, a graphic design, and decorative flowers on the straps. The embroidered flowers on the upper cups accentuate your cleavage. Stand out this summer in pure White: white tulle with shimmery embroidery. Pure, stylish, and super-feminine!
  • anita-active-air-control-delta-sports-bra-white-5544-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 anita-active-air-control-delta-sports-bra-white-5544-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500

    Anita #5544

    Anita Active's Air Control Padded Sports Bra is comfortable and stylish. This wireless sports bra features lightly padded cups for maximum support in regular and plus sizes. The mesh sides and center provide breath-ability and style. Now available in White! Excessive breast tissue movement during exercise can cause pain or loss of firmness. A well-fitted sports bra can significantly reduce these negative effects. 
  • chantelle-allure-plunge-4-part-bra-blk-2231-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 chantelle-allure-plunge-4-part-bra-blk-2231-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Chantelle #2231 The Allure Plunge Bra is the perfect balance between style, support, and comfort. The semi-sheer lace cups plunge low in the centre. Allure features flat seams and a J-hook at the back for a racerback style and extra support. This chic Chantelle piece is available in regular and plus sizes.
  • elomi-sachi-plunge-plus-size-bra-blk-EL4350-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 elomi-sachi-plunge-plus-size-bra-blk-EL4350-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Elomi #4350 Feminine Sachi plays with sheer, translucent and solid panelling to dramatic effect. With strappy detailing creating a central focal point, this design feature is one that is made to be seen. Available in Black only. 
  • elomi-matilda-plunge-plus-size-bra-blk-8900-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 elomi-matilda-plunge-plus-size-bra-blk-8900-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Elomi #8900 The Matilda Plunge Bra by Elomi is designed for curvy ladies who want support and style. This plus size bras low centre gives a plunge effect, while the sheer embroidered elastic provides full coverage. The movable J-hook allows for a racerback style.
  • elomi-cate-uw-full-cup-plus-size-bra-latte-4030-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 elomi-cate-uw-full-cup-plus-size-bra-latte-4030-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Elomi #4030 The Cate Full Cup Bra by Elomi offers supreme support and comfort. This plus size bra provides shaping and full coverage. The sheer, embroidered top cups have a flattened finish. Elomi's Cate features Powernet anchorage around the back, ensuring it will not ride up.
  • elomi-kim-plunge-plus-size-bra-4340-ob-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 elomi-kim-plunge-plus-size-bra-4340-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Elomi #4340 The Kim Plunge Bra by Elomi is designed for curvy ladies who want support and style. This plus size bras low centre gives a plunge effect, while the geometric lace provides full coverage. The lace is stretchy yet powerful for your ease and comfort.
  • primadonna-deauville-full-cup-bra-black-1810-ob3-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 primadonna-deauville-full-cup-bra-black-ps02--dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    PrimaDonna #1810 & 1811 The Deauville Full Cup Bra is the absolute bestseller of all PrimaDonna bras - one is sold every two minutes worldwide. Deauville features embroidered lace and supportive full cups. The elastic lining at the top creates a custom fit. This bra provides full coverage in regular and plus sizes.  
  • empreinte-melody-full-cup-bra-black-0786-ob-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 empreinte-melody-full-cup-seamless-bra-black-0786-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500

    Empreinte #0786

    The Melody Full Cup Bra is both sexy and practical. The seamless cups are made of semi-sheer Chantilly lace. This lace is firm and shaping, with side-boning to provide extra support. This Empreinte best-seller is available in regular and plus sizes.
  • primadonna-sweater-sports-bra-black-0110-ob-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 primadonna-sweater-sports-bra-black-0110-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    PrimaDonna #600 0110 The Sweater Sports Bra by PrimaDonna is made of soft, breathing jersey. The full coverage cups and padded underwire ensure that you feel comfortable and supported.  The straps can be worn straight or racerback style. This sporty PrimaDonna bra is available in regular and plus sizes. Now available in Black! Excessive breast tissue movement during exercise can cause pain or loss of firmness. A well-fitted sports bra can significantly reduce these negative effects. 
  • wacoal-red-carpet-strapless-bra-nude-ob-4119-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 wacoal-red-carpet-strapless-bra-nude-ps-4119-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Wacoal #854119 The Red Carpet Strapless Bra by Wacoal is comfortable enough for every day. Wear this t-shirt bra strapless, halter or racerback style. The seamless foam cups hide a silicone strip that ensures your bra stays in place. This versatile Wacoal strapless bra is perfect for any wardrobe.
  • primadonna-satin-bra-zwa-1330-ob-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 primadonna-satin-bra-zwa-1330-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    PrimaDonna #1330 The Satin Bra by PrimaDonna provides full coverage in regular and plus sizes. This minimizer bra is smooth and invisible under clothes. It's slightly shimmering and soft, making it perfect for every day wear. Satin is one of PrimaDonna's bestselling bras because it's just so comfortable.
  • prima-donna-twist-i-want-you-balcony-zwa-1452-ob-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 prima-donna-twist-i-want-you-balcony-zwa-1452-fl-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    PrimaDonna #1452/53 The I Want You Balcony Bra by PrimaDonna Twist features sexy, sheer lace and tulle. This t-shirt bra is supportive and comfortable. The straps are designed to stay in place and won't dig in. The balconette shape shows more decolletage than other PrimaDonna Bras.
  • anita-underwire-nursing-bra-5068-skin-ob-02-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 anita-underwire-nursing-bra-5068-skin-ob-a01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Anita #5068 The Underwire Nursing Bra provides support without the bulkiness of foam. This seamless maternity bra smooths and shapes with a flexible wire. Anita's bra cups drop down easily for feeding. This is a perfect nursing bra for regular and plus size breasts.
  • wacoal-basic-beauty-bra-nude-5192-ob-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 wacoal-basic-beauty-bra-blk-5192-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Wacoal #855192 The Basic Beauty Bra by Wacoal is seamless and invisible under clothes. This minimizer bra is designed to smooth out bulge and prevent strap slipping. The lined cups provide shape, coverage and support. The Basic Beauty Bra is available in regular and plus sizes.
  • La Femme Bra by Wacoal in Cappucino, Wacoal, T-Shirt Bras, Diane's Lingerie, Vancouver, South Granville wacoal-la-femme-t-shirt-bra-nude-3117-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Wacoal #853117 La Femme Bra by Wacoal features a deep plunge, making it great for low-cut tops. This t-shirt bra is made of luxe stretch fibre - its smooth, comfortable and seamless. La Femme has close-set straps to prevent slipping. You'll feel shapely and secure in this comfy Wacoal favourite.

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