Got my bra, it’s lovely. I have the back strap on the loosest hooks but I think as it stretches I will be able to move to the middle one. I love the fit. It seems to separate my breasts better than previous sports bras I have worn. Therefore avoiding the dreaded “sausage boob” look. It still has lots of support for the more well endowed version of us. I am excited about it being convertible too so can wear it with different style tanks. I look forward to wearing it for some activity.
I would like to send a personal thank you note for the amazing love and care shown to my girls and me on Wednesday. With much appreciation.
Eva C
I phoned last week from Ontario to order a bra and spoke with two very friendly and helpful staff people. I received the parcel yesterday. Thanks especially to Valerie (hope I have the right name!) for her pleasant and efficient manner.
Margaret B
Thank you ladies, Your service is outstanding as usual!!
Julia M, Oakville, Ontario
I am your new loyal customer!!! My thanks to you… I look at it this way. I bought my first Empreinte bra when in London, so finding Diane’s has saved me thousands in plane fare!!
I just wanted to say thank you for the exceptional service and sincere care I received yesterday at the store. I had come in to the store close to Christmas to be fitted for a bra and it was really buuuusy so I said thank you so much but I just love the experience here and I’m not in a rush so I will return after the holiday season to have the ‘full treatment’ that I am used to receiving when I go to Diane’s. I was not concerned, it was just that time of year. Yesterday fulfilled and more. I left with 3 perfect bras, 2 fashion and 1 sports bra, my first one in many years. Even though I’m very athletic, I just hated them all til today when I wore it to Pilates. Many thanks Faye, you were an inspiration!
I was in your store on Saturday and really have to applaud Mara for her excellent customer service. She was professional, polite, helpful and made this dreaded trip a wonderful fun experience. We had lots of laughs. I am an older lady and she was courteous, respectful and just great. I will return and have been telling my friends about your store for quite a few years.
Diane’s Lingerie provides such personal, fun service. After recently shopping in the UK and not being able to find a bra that fit well, I was feeling a bit hopeless. However, after coming to Diane’s Lingerie and having their team fit me to find shapes and styles that flatter my figure, I’m leaving the store feeling beautiful and confident. Thank you Diane’s Lingerie for a fabulous shopping experience with such a personal item.
SAXX! They ARE very comfortable! And according to both my wife and I, they also seem to… um, (throat clearing), they… enhance. I think every guy should own a draw-full of these revolutionary shorts. I’ve never had anything like them.
Dean C.
Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much we appreciate your store and your service. First off, my husband got me a xmas present that didn’t quiet fit… but as usual his shopping experience and assistance there was great. I dropped in the store on Saturday to exchange my gift and Nancy was extraordinary. Not only did she sum up my size by just looking at me (the very first bra fit perfectly) and we found another one that rounded out my exchange. Your store environment was welcoming, warm and cheerful. Keep up the good work – I will continue to recommend your store to all my friends. Happy New Year!
Natalie A.
I’ve referred at least three of my family members to Dianes… everyone is so friendly & helpful. I never feel awkward, even though I’m in my bra! Thanks!
Melanie G.
Thank you Dianes for wonderful service, great selection, great prices. Everyone was helpful from the moment I walked in with no pressure just service!
Sabina M.