I’d be wealthy if I had a dollar every time a customer said they needed a black and beige bra.

Why do some women limit themselves to the most basic coloured undies when they could be wearing bras and panties in a veritable rainbow of colours that will lift them in more ways than one? There is no need to sacrifice fun and style for practicality when you can have it all.

Even if your office dress code is ultra-conservative, you can still be bold with your underpinnings, and no one needs to know but you. It can be your fun, sexy and oh-so stylish secret.

“Most people spend their lives in dreary, grey-beige conformity, mortally afraid of using colours.” Verner Panton, designer

It may surprise many, but beige is not the only colour you can wear under light-coloured clothing. Light pink, peach, mauve, and even red can be virtually invisible under light colours and frequently looks more flattering with your skin tone.


Navy blue, burgundy, chocolate and olive (and even animal print) are just a few examples of exciting alternatives to predictable black. If someone detects a hint of colour under your clothing, oh well. You’re a woman! It should be no surprise that you’re wearing a bra. You might as well wear something that gives you joy.


Life is too short to wear boring lingerie! Come by today and have one of our expert bra-fitters show you how beautiful, versatile and practical colour can be.