Getting The Right Bra Fit

Regardless of your size all women should wear a bra that fits properly and feels comfortable. By helping you find the right bra, Dianes team of bra-fitting experts can help you eliminate and avoid posture and balance problems, strained shoulders, sagging breasts and a sore back. We can help you find the bras and intimate apparel that protect your delicate skin and enhance your silhouette. It’s like getting an instant body makeover!

Changes in your Body Can Affect Bra Size

If you think increased weight goes everywhere except your breasts, think again! Weight and hormone fluctuations can cause changes in the shape and size of your breasts as you age. Female bodies continually experience changes caused by puberty, pregnancy, menopause, weight gain or the birth control pill. To avoid back pain, posture problems and damage to your sensitive breast tissue, Dianes recommends getting fitted for a new bra at least twice a year.

Find your right bra size – Dianes way

Follow Dianes easy four-step guide to fitting your bra. Then check out Bottoms Up! and be sure that your lower half is as perfectly supported as your breasts.”