Turning the Pandemic Blues – BRIGHTER!

If you’re reading this, it means you withstood the past two years of hell and have come through with flying colours. Kudos to you! You’ve done your darndest to be calm, be kind and be safe. You pivoted, made sacrifices, and (over)extended yourself. We thank you, and we applaud you. Here’s a virtual high-five for every time you masked up, washed up and kept your social distance. And here’s a digital pat on the back for all the times you attended a Zoom meeting or pulled your hair out helping your child with a home school math problem. We see you, honour you, and want to celebrate you.

We’re still celebrating Valentine’s day this month, though. (Hello?! We are a lingerie store, after all) but recognizing what you’ve accomplished might just be a more significant cause for celebration.  To celebrate you, we’ve got pick-me-up styles in energizing shades of red to stir the senses, lift the spirits and turn the February blahs to February ahhhhhs!  Whether you are celebrating Galentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day or showing yourself some much-deserved TLC, Diane’s has the perfect gift to delight you or your person.


Tom by Marie Jo

This red lovely is a fan favourite for a reason! The smooth moulded cups are t-shirt friendly, and the decorative, two-toned straps are more than just pretty, you can convert them to a halter or criss-cross them faster than you can say, “the new normal.”


Hanky Panky thongs

These luxurious lace thongs are the right amount of fabric in all the right places. Sexy and comfortable. One size fits many, so even novice lingerie gift-givers will get it right.


Empreinte Cassiopee in Dragee

Available in the lacy seamless soft cup or spacer foam. This elegant, classy, and surprisingly versatile bra is not just a treat; it’s a wardrobe essential.


P.J. Salvage Paisley Party

A classic pattern with a modern twist. Available in a shorts/top set, or create your own look with the shorts, pants, top, chemise, and soft, cozy coordinating sweater; all sold as separates. This beautiful collection has a style to suit everyone’s sweetheart.


Virginia 3D Spacer by Corin

Full, pliable cups that superbly hug a woman’s curves. Perfect for standing in the rapid test lineup or enjoying a fancy dinner with your party of 6 or less.  Now in Ruby Red!


Smash + Tess rompers

Have you joined the romper revolution yet? It doesn’t matter if you’re lounging around home or running around town, dressed up or dressed down, you’ll be comfy and stylish in these cute adult onesies.


Chantelle SoftStretch bralette

These darlings are like wearing air. Featuring thinly padded cups, an attractive lacy back and fun colours (available in-store), they make working from home way more enjoyable. Pretty pink shades for spring coming soon!


BOGO for Your BFF, SO, or just for U!

Treat yourself to one bra at regular price and get the second bra of your choice at 20% off* In-store and online, discount automatically applied at checkout. Ends February 14th, 2022.


*BOGO Sale fine print: buy one (1) bra at regular price and receive 20% off a second regular priced bra until midnight, February 14th, 2022. Discount applied to the lower-priced item of the two. Cannot be combined with other discounts or offers, some brand exceptions apply.