Pistache Panache

Pistache clothing is designed in Toronto and made in Italy. This fashionable, feminine line features comfortable cotton and linen fabrics, making it perfect for everyday wear. Pistache will keep you looking and feeling great at the beach or in the boardroom.

Cool Cotton


The Bicycle Waffle Tunic is 100% all natural cotton. Cotton is known for its comfort and durability, but it’s also great for sustainability. Organic cotton is greener than synthetic fibres that require the use of chemicals and can contain plastics. This tunic lets you feel good in two ways; you get to help the planet and stay comfy all day long.

Light Linen


This cropped Linen Floral Pant falls just above the ankle, with useful pockets and a tie belt. Linen is soft and light, with temperature-regulating qualities. It will keep you cool when it’s hot and warm you up when it’s cold. Plus, it’s moisture-wicking, quick-dry and antimicrobial. Linen is one of the best fabrics around for easy, casual wear. Wear it at home or take it travelling to any destination.


This sleeveless linen Capri Drawstring Dress has a drawstring bottom and a cotton top. Linen is unfussy – its easy flow gives it an air of casual elegance. You don’t even need to iron it, as the light crumpling look is in. Linen is also moth-resistant and gets better with every wash, meaning your Pistache clothes will look fresh and new for a long time.


The Front Zip Linen Dress features a two-sided cotton rib and drawstring neck. Linen is one of the most sustainable fabric options. Made from flax, it uses less water and land to grow. Fewer pesticides are used to grow flax and linen can be processed without the use of chemicals. Once discarded linen will biodegrade with no harmful waste or by-products. The Front Zip Linen Dress is available in White and Black.

Vibrant Viscose


The sleeveless Ruffle Hem Dress drapes beautifully and feels like silk on your skin. This dress is 95% Viscose and 5% Elastane. The name Viscose comes from the honey-like texture of the wood-pulp based fabric. It’s breathable and similar to cotton, with a luxurious look. Viscose dyes easily so colours come out vibrant and long-lasting. The Ruffle Hem Dress is available in Black and Pink.

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