Orangerie Sexy T-Shirt bra by Chantelle


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The Orangerie Sexy T-shirt Bra is a new range from Chantelle. Featuring a contrasting tulle and lace motif that’s sexy and fun, Orangerie is invisible under clothing. The bonded construction provides total softness and light support. This lacy plunge bra is perfect for anyone who already loves Chantelle’s Festivite.

  • Orangerie coque bra lingerie range by Chantelle brand.
  • The coque bra is sexy with ultra-submerged neckline.
  • The inner bonded construction that provides light support and a redefined effect in total softness.
  • Removable foam padding on the A cup and size 32 B.
  • Chantelle bow and initial with a “C” medallion between the cups.

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