• empreinte-cassiopee-spacer-bra-silk-0151-ob-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 empreinte-cassiopee-spacer-bra-silk-0151-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Empreinte #40151 The Cassiopee Spacer Bra is available in D-G cups. This seamless t-shirt bra provides excellent shaping and support. The Cassiopee Spacer is invisible on the outside but looks and feels fantastic under your clothes. Empreinte's plus size bras offer comfort and breathability for larger busted ladies. Now available in Silk! Matching Cassiopee Panty > Matching Cassiopee Brief > Matching Cassiopee Thong > See the Cassiopee Seamless Bra >
  • empreinte-cassiopee-seamless-bra-silk-7151-ob-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 empreinte-cassiopee-seamless-bra-silk-7151-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Empreinte #07151 The Cassiopee Seamless Bra is a luxurious lace bra. Available in regular and plus sizes, this lacy t-shirt bra provides maximum support. Empreinte bras are comfortable, smoothing and invisible under clothing. In other words, perfect for everyday wear! Cassiopee's lace is from the same lace-maker as Kate Middleton’s iconic wedding dress. Now available in Silk! Matching Cassiopee Panty > Matching Cassiopee Brief > Matching Cassiopee Thong >
    See the Cassiopee Spacer Bra >
  • primadonna-myla-sports-bra-blk-0116-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 primadonna-myla-sports-bra-blk-0116-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    PrimaDonna #0116 Part of the new PrimaDonna x Myla Dalbesio collection, this sports bra has it all with padded cups, convertible straps, and a cool cosmic print! Soft and breathable fabric in a monochromatic pattern that's perfect for under all your workout gear. This style has underwire with straps that convert to racerback, available in sizes 32C to 40G.  
  • elomi-charley-bralette-bak-el4381-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 elomi-charley-bralette-bak-el4381-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Elomi #4381 Finally a supportive longline bralette style for larger bands and cups!  This is a underwire plunge style bra with side support and additional vertical seaming.  It's perfect for larger full breasts, especially those set toward the center, plus has a J-Hook to convert to racerback! Available in Ballet Pink only. 
  • Grace Full Cup in Blush by Empreinte empreinte-grace-full-bra-blush-7134-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Empreinte #7134 A tribute to a classy and glamorous style, Grace is a winning combination of pared-down styling and luxury materials. A full cup seamless lace, wear this style for firm support and a beautiful shape. Black coming soon, Blush now back in stock!
  • elomi-rosalind-plunge-bra-mom-el4400-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 elomi-rosalind-plunge-bra-mom-el4400-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Elomi #4400 Colour outside the lines with the Rosalind Plunge Bra, featuring a dainty floral sketch design in Monochrome with a hint of guava pink. Rosalind features three section cups plus side panels for forward shaping, good uplift and separation, complete with eyelash effect embroidery along the neckline. Available in White Flower Print! 
  • goddess-kayla-banded-uw-bra-bul-gd6162-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 goddess-kayla-banded-uw-bra-bul-gd6162-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Goddess #6162 Part of Goddess' signature collection, Kayla comes in a soft floral pattern that is perfect for summer. A sheer top cup and V-neck plunge gives a lighter, fresh look while still offering full cup support. Now available in Bluebell!
  • primadonna-madison-full-cup-bra-pep-2120-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 primadonna-madison-full-cup-bra-pep-2120-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    PrimaDonna #016 2120/2121 Madison's unique fit gives perfect support to full breasts. The elastic lace and fine details lift heavy breasts without compromising on comfort. This three-section underwire centres the breasts to create a slimming effect. Now available in Pearl Pink!
  • empreinte-verity-seamless-bra-blu-8173-ob-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 empreinte-verity-spacer-bra-blu-0173-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Empreinte #0173 The Verity Spacer Bra is available in C-H cups. This t-shirt bra provides comfortable uplift and breathability. Verity is invisible on the outside but looks and feels fantastic under your clothes. Empreinte's seamless plus size bras are perfect for larger busted ladies. Now available in Blue Ciel! Matching Shorty > Matching Brief >
  • empreinte-verity-seamless-bra-blu-8173-ob-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 empreinte-verity-seamless-bra-blu-8173-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Empreinte #8173 The Empreinte Verity Seamless Balcony Bra exudes simplicity, femininity and comfort. A new seamless range from Empreinte, Verity features monochrome lace patterned with beautiful swirls. Now available in Blue Ciel! Matching Shorty > Matching Brief >
  • primadonna-waterlily-full-cup-bra-wit-2980-81-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 primadonna-waterlily-full-cup-bra-wit-2980-81-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    PrimaDonna #2980/81 Three-piece underwire bra with elegant all-over embroidery, a graphic design, and decorative flowers on the straps. The embroidered flowers on the upper cups accentuate your cleavage. Stand out this summer in pure White: white tulle with shimmery embroidery. Pure, stylish, and super-feminine!
  • anita-selma-spacer-bra-rose-5637-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 anita-selma-spacer-bra-rose-5637-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Anita #5637 Smooth airy spacer cups feature a modern and clean look. The soft fabric smoothly melts to your body and lace decorated straps make a tempting eye catcher. Available in Black and Rosewood Pink! Matching Selma High Waist Panty> Matching Selma Lace Thong>
  • anita-selma-uw-bra-b2e-blk-5634-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 anita-selma-uw-bra-b2e-blk-5634-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Anita #5634/35 Delicate design meets convincing functionality - decorative lace along cups and strap sections, and a sparkling Swarovski charm in the centre catches the eye and directs the gaze towards your beautifully shaped cleavage. The use of sophisticated fabric and quality workmanship lends this underwire bra its precise and optimum fit. F-J Cup: These sizes have a slightly different shape, especially designed to meet the requirements of bigger breasts and ensures large cups with a particularly stable hold. Available in Black and Rosewood Pink! Matching Selma Lace Thong > Matching Selma High Waist Panty >
  • chantelle-hedona-seamless-bra-smk-2031-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 chantelle-hedona-seamless-bra-smk-2031-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Chantelle #2031 The Hedona Bra suits a wide variety breast types. This minimizer provides a natural rounded shape—it can minimize the bustline up to one inch. It has a wide band for extra support and comfort. The cups are seamless, making Hedona invisible under any outfit. This Chantelle bra is available in regular and plus sizes. Now available in Smoke Pink!
  • chantelle-revele-moi-4-part-cup-bra-ablu-1571-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 chantelle-revele-moi-4-part-cup-bra-ablu-1571-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Chantelle #1571 Revele Moi provides both support and lightness. The construction of the 4-part cup ensures more precision during gathering to adjust the bust's curve while the open wires provide optimal comfort. The textronic lace exclusive to Chantelle is matte but satiny in texture but is thin and light for a sensual transparent effect. Now in Alizee Blue!
  • chantelle-festivite-sexy-tshirt-bra-blush-ob-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 chantelle-festivite-sexy-tshirt-bra-blush-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Chantelle #3682 The Festivite T-shirt Bra is one of our best-selling pieces from Chantelle. This t-shirt bra features Chantelle's iconic lace pattern. It's made in comfortable, soft fabrics which provide excellent uplift and ensure great support. This sexy plunge bra is simply irresistible in a lovely lace overlay style. Limited quantities of Poppy red available in-store only. Matching Festivité Sexy Brief >
  • anita-active-air-control-delta-sports-bra-white-5544-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 anita-active-air-control-delta-sports-bra-white-5544-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500

    Anita #5544

    Anita Active's Air Control Padded Sports Bra is comfortable and stylish. This wireless sports bra features lightly padded cups for maximum support in regular and plus sizes. The mesh sides and center provide breath-ability and style. Now available in White! Excessive breast tissue movement during exercise can cause pain or loss of firmness. A well-fitted sports bra can significantly reduce these negative effects. 
  • chantelle-c-magnifique-bra-new-nude-1891-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 chantelle-c-magnifique-minimizer-bra-nude-1891-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Chantelle #1891 The C Magnifique Bra is comfortable, supportive and invisible under clothing. This smooth, seamless bra has a minimizing effect in the front, back and sides. The soft and comfortable straps ensure good support and are fully adjustable. C Magnifique is one of Chantelle's most popular bras and fits regular and plus sizes. Now available in Pale Rose!
  • prima-donna-delight-full-cup-bra-blk-2760-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 prima-donna-delight-full-cup-bra-blk-2760-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    PrimaDonna #2760 & 2761 Three-section bra with luxurious all-over rose embroidery with lace look. Fine spaghetti straps with elegant garlands and a graceful tie between the breasts complete your irresistible look. Stylish lingerie in classic black is a must-have in your lingerie drawer! Available in Black! Matching Delight Rio Brief >
  • prima-donna-delight-vertical-seam-bra-blk-2764-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 prima-donna-delight-vertical-seam-bra-blk-2764-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Prima Donna #2764 & 2765 A sensual balcony bra with a vertical seam and seductive all-over embroidery with a chic lace look. Fine spaghetti straps with elegant garlands and a graceful tie between the breasts complete your irresistible look. Stylish lingerie in classic black is a must-have in your lingerie drawer! Available in Black! Matching Rio Brief >
  • chantelle-allure-plunge-4-part-bra-blk-2231-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 chantelle-allure-plunge-4-part-bra-blk-2231-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Chantelle #2231 The Allure Plunge Bra is the perfect balance between style, support, and comfort. The semi-sheer lace cups plunge low in the centre. Allure features flat seams and a J-hook at the back for a racerback style and extra support. This chic Chantelle piece is available in regular and plus sizes.
  • elomi-sachi-plunge-plus-size-bra-blk-EL4350-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 elomi-sachi-plunge-plus-size-bra-blk-EL4350-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Elomi #4350 Feminine Sachi plays with sheer, translucent and solid panelling to dramatic effect. With strappy detailing creating a central focal point, this design feature is one that is made to be seen. Available in Black only. 
  • elomi-matilda-plunge-plus-size-bra-blk-8900-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 elomi-matilda-plunge-plus-size-bra-blk-8900-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Elomi #8900 Matilda, the stunning beaded effect embroidered collection, with stylish detail, is a must-have. The three section cup plus side panel give great forward shape, uplift and separation. Available in Black only.
  • elomi-cate-uw-full-cup-plus-size-bra-latte-4030-ob-01-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500 elomi-cate-uw-full-cup-plus-size-bra-latte-4030-ps-dianes-lingerie-vancouver-500x500
    Elomi #4030 Cate offers supreme support and comfort. Sophisticated sheer embroidered top cup adds a modern edge with an intersecting arc design. Featuring grosgrain textured straps and delicate looped neck edge elastic. Available in Latte

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