Why are we bust-ing sports bra myths?

It’s just as important to get the right sports bra as the right everyday bra. You need a well-fitting, high quality sports bra to prevent stretching sensitive connective breast tissue. A good sports bra can reduce breast movement up to 78%, which helps prevent back, neck and shoulder pain. It also protects the Cooper’s Ligament, which helps suspend the breast, as it has no muscle or other internal support. 

Prima Donna Myla Dalbesio Sports Bra
Prima Donna Myla Dalbesio Sports Bra

Myth 1: Two sports bras are better than one!

One well-fitted bra will give you more support and last longer than two poorly-fitted ones. Plus the extra fabric means more chafing on a sensitive area – yikes! If you feel like you need two sports bras then you’re probably not wearing the right style or size. A racerback style might help you feel more secure.

The Myla Dalbesio Sports Bra by PrimaDonna has convertible straps for that extra security. Plus, it has shaped cups and a cushioned underwire to provide comfortable support. The soft, breathable fabric comes in a fun cosmic print. Available in sizes 32C to 40G.

Anita Air Control Delta Pad Sports Bra
Anita Air Control Delta Pad Sports Bra

Myth 2: I’ve only had my sports bra a year, it doesn’t need to be replaced.

Your sports bra is doing more work than you realize. Put it to the test: do up your sports bra on the tightest hook then try to pull the band away from your body. Is it easy? If yes your band is stretched out and you need to replace it. A firm fit means firm support. Alternate two or more sports bras and rinse them of sweat and dead skin cells between workouts to help them last longer.

Myth 3: My boobs are on the smaller side, so I don’t have to wear a sports bra.

When it comes to protecting your breasts, size doesn’t matter. The tissue still moves around during exercise and can become strained, whether you’re an A or a J cup. Plus, any sports bra with padded cups will provide nipple coverage.

The Air Control Delta Sports Bra by Anita is comfortable and stylish. This wireless sports bra features lightly padded cups for maximum support in regular and plus sizes. The separate cups sections limit side to side movement of breast tissue. The mesh sides and center provide breathability and style. Available in sizes 32AA to 36H.

Ulla Dessous Kate Sports Bra
Ulla Dessous Kate Sports Bra

Myth 4: I’m a (insert size here), so that won’t fit.

Just like jeans and shoes, bras will fit differently depending on the style and brand. You may be a 34C in one bra and 36B in another, or even a 32D! The only way to know for sure is to put them on. Put your sports bras to the test in the fitting room – jump up and down, shimmy and shake, make sure you can move easily without slips or chafing.

Myth 5: I can’t find my size anywhere, so an XL should work.

Many brands carry plus size sports bras. You may not be able to find them at the mall, but they are out there, and they are worth it. You should get proper fittings and buy your sports bras in specific sizes rather than general ones like S-XL. Make sure they have closures, too. Sports bras that you can pull over your head and shoulders are too loose for your chest.

The Kate Sports Bra by Ulla Dessous comes in a wide range of plus sizes. It’s a combination of fit, support and comfort. The shoulders straps have an ergonomic design to ensure comfort while the cups feature large side support panels to ensure optimum fit. The material is antibacterial, kind to the skin and inhibits buildup of odours in and on the fibre. Available in sizes 32E to 44K.


Plus: Active Capris

These Fitness Sports Tights by Anita are made with a high quality microfibre fabric for optimal comfort during your workout. They feature ergonomic seams and a comfortable, lined waistband. This breathable material is moisture-wicking and quick-drying. Available in sizes S to XLSports tights available in-store only.


Need a reliable sports bra? Come to Diane’s Lingerie for a custom fitting. Our bra experts will help you find the perfect fit every time!